Why are we doing this?
Our faith and belief in God makes us want to share His message of truth.  We believe that the Bible is God’s message to us.  We also believe that what He teaches is right and helpful in directing our lives.  We feel compelled to tell everyone about the wonderful plan that God has for our earth.  We want people to make their own informed decision.

Do we have a hidden agenda?
No. We simply want people to consider the Bible message for themselves. We believe the Bible offers a real choice between life and death, and we want people to make their own decision.

Do you use a particular translation of the Bible?
We use the King James Bible in our services, but individually, members use a variety of translations eg. New King James Bible, English Standard Version.

What can I expect at a service?
We aim to conduct our meetings according to first century principles, as recorded in the Bible, when the disciples met together on the first day of each week to ‘break bread’, discuss the Scriptures and pray together (Acts 2:42 and 20:7).  For example, our services are led by brethren, and sisters wear head coverings (1 Cor 11: 3-5).  After each service we stay and chat together for a while.  Christadelphians have their own hymn book and there are copies available for use by visitors.  The hymns we sing are accompanied by the organ and are traditional in style.

Our facilities on-site include facilities for those with disabilities eg. a disabled toilet and hearing loop.  We also have Bibles freely available for visitors to use.  If you decide to visit us you will receive a warm welcome!  We seek to generate a family atmosphere of encouragement and support as we learn together from God’s Word.

Will I be pressurised to join if I attend one of your activities?
No, we want you to make your own decision about the Bible and the direction of your life.

Do Christadelphians tithe their income to the church?
No, but we have voluntary collections which we give on a Sunday morning.

If you want to ask us a question please use the Contact page.