Future Bible Talks

Our Bible talks are held on Sundays at 6pm, God Willing, at our hall on Grosvenor Road, Coventry, CV1 3FZ.  You are very welcome to join us.  See Our Weekly Services page for more information.





Who or what is the Devil?1 December (3:30pm)R. J. Long
Creation Not Evolution8 DecemberJ. Sewell
Conviction and conduct – some implications of Biblical beliefs15 DecemberJ. Botton
Peace on Earth22 DecemberS. Evans
The Bible is Divinely inspired29 DecemberD. Blacklock
Real Hope for the New Year5 JanuaryT. Pritchard
Adult Baptism – what it means and why it is essential12 JanuaryP. Anderton
Israel: turning the tide of World opinion – a prelude to Armageddon19 JanuaryP. Weatherall
Should I fear the Judgement?26 JanuaryJ. Harding
How about some good news?2 FebruaryT. Morgan
Bible Prophecy Basics9 FebruaryL. Whitehouse
Who or what are saints? The Bible has the answer16 FebruaryJ. Cope
How the Bible came to us23 FebruaryD. Pearce