Our Weekly Services

Below are our three main services each week (N.B. also consider other activities here  ).

Memorial Service (Breaking of Bread) – Sundays 10.45am

The Breaking of Bread service is the focal point of our worship each week when we remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We share bread and wine as commanded by him at the Last Supper. Followers of the Lord Jesus Christ have remembered him this way for the past two thousand years. The bread and wine are symbols representing his body given as a sacrifice at his crucifixion. We have hymns and prayers, Bible readings and a brother gives a talk (an exhortation) encouraging us in our faith and reminding us what Christ has done for us. You are welcome to join us for the Breaking of Bread service, although only baptised members can take the bread and wine.

Bible Talk – Sundays 6pm

servicesOur Sunday evening Bible talks look at basic Bible teachings, such as ‘Life after death – the Bible answer’ or ‘How Bible prophecy proves the existence of God’.

During this service there will be hymns, a reading, prayer and then a talk. The speaker will refer to Bible verses to support his talk with the aim of showing that our beliefs are based on God’s Word. You are welcome to stay behind and chat afterwards with the speaker or any of our members. We also have a selection of free literature in our entrance hall which you are welcome to take and read together with your Bible. See our Future Bible Talks  page to see what is coming up.

Bible Class – Thursdays 8pm

In the Bible Class we look at aspects of the Bible in some depth. The subject could be focused on a person, an event or an overall theme. There will be a hymns, a reading, a prayer, a further hymn and then a talk where the speaker will refer to verses in the Bible. Again you are welcome to stay behind and chat afterwards as we often have discussion about the subject.