Future Bible Talks

Our Bible talks are held on Sundays at 6pm, God Willing, at our hall on Grosvenor Road, Coventry, CV1 3FZ.  You are very welcome to join us.  See Our Weekly Services page for more information.





Only One God – The Father12 May A. Clarke
Why we need God19 May L. Whitehouse
The Coming World Leader26 May B. Dray
Why Christadelphians believe in a Divine Creation2 June S. Robinson
The Law of Moses – the answer to today’s economic crisis9 June M. Jenner
Why believe in Resurrection?16 June T. Jenkins
Archaeology supports the Bible23 June D.Pearce
The Bible in a Digital Age30 June R. Webb
 What Jesus said about the Kingdom of God7 July R. Bache
Faith – what does it really mean?14 July  J. Buckler
 The truth about the Devil21 July  S. J. Evans
The amazing accuracy of Bible Prophecy28 July  B. Newall